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Information from Nolalu LSB


Residents and property owners in the Townships of Hardwick, Lybster, Marks, Lismore and
Strange (except those in Arrow Lake and Pete’s Lake) are welcome to attend meetings of the Local Services Board of Nolalu.

REGULAR MEETINGS of the Board are held the 4th Tuesday of each month, except July and December where there is no meeting.

Meetings start at 7:30 PM at the NolaluCommunity Centre.
To be eligible to be nominated as a Board Member and vote you must be a permanent resident or property owner in the Nolalu LSB area, a Canadian Citizen and be 18 years of age or older.
The Regular LSB meeting and the Annual General Meeting will take place prior to the election. The first meeting of the new board will take place immediately following the election (September).

LSB Board Members
Sept 2016-2017:

Sherida Bowey
Karen Caren
Erin Claeys,
Debra Hitz,
Don Jantunen
Sharon Low


Emergency Number Nolalu Area Call: (807) 473 - 5200

In the event of any Emergency, Such as flooding, wildfire etc. the Nolalu Emergency Team and the Local Service Board have an Emergency Plan in place. The implementation of this plan will be coordinated by Fire Chief Bob Payne.
During an emergency for Nolalu area, the local number to call for information is: (807) 475-4441
for Road information call: 511

Currently: No Emergencies -
During an emergency for Nolalu area, the local number to call for information is:(807) 475-4441

In case of an emergency for Nolalu area you will find the emergency phone number(s) and information on health hazards, as prepared by the Medical Officer of Health and all other emergency related information needed for the public in this box.

Generic Information

- For Rural Areas - Fire & Ambulance call: 473 - 5200
- Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) : 1-888-310-1122
- Telehealth Ontario: 1-866-797-0000
Free Confidential Access to Registered Nurses 24 hrs a day 7 days per week

Poison Control Centre: 1-800-268-9017 or 1-(416)-813-5900
-Provincial Contact Numbers for Unincorporated Areas

Local Service Board (LSB) of Nolalu-Documents:

LSB Brochure
LSB Complaint Process
LSB Conflict of Interest Policy
LSB Procedural Policy
LSB Procurement Policy


2016-2017 Annual Election Notice Sept. 27

Draft Agenda Oct 25, 2016
Regular Meeting Minutes Sept 27, 2016
AGM and Election Minutes Sept 27, 2016
First Meeting of New Board Minutes Sept 27, 2016
Draft Minutes August 23
Draft Minutes June 28
Draft Minutes May 24
Draft Minutes April 26
Draft Minutes March 22, 2016
Draft Minutes February 23, 2016
Draft Minutes January 26
Draft Minutes November 24, 2015
Draft minutes October 27, 2015
Special Public Meeting Minutes (Pete's Lake Exclusion) September 29, 2015
Regular Meeting Minutes September 29, 2015
AGM and Election Meeting Minutes September 29, 2015
First Meeting of New Board 2015-2016 Minutes September 29, 2015
Draft Minutes August 25
Minutes Pete's Lake Public Info session Aug 25

LSB Audited Financial Statements 2015

Financial Statement July 2016
Financial Statement June 2016
Financial Statement May 2016
Financial Statement April 2016
Financial Statement March 2016
Financial Statement February 2016
Financial Statement January 2016
Financial Statement December 2015
Financial Statement November 2015
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Current By Laws
Current By-Laws 2014/2015

Current Contracts 2015/2016:
Contract NCC
Contract NEST
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