Emergency situation in Nolalu & area is:

July 13 Road floods info call 511. Also find more info on


Nolalu & Local Area:



The Nolalu Community Centre
will be closed for all events
until further notice due to flood damage.

We are progressing as quickly as we can re. insurance and flood damage restoration services.

We apologize for any inconvenience!
Nolalu Community Centre Board.

For your local community go to LSB Local Service Board
Read about Unincorporated Townships, and Nolalu is one of them, here
The NorWest Community Health Centres Mobile Unit and diabetes Unit

Restaurants / Cafes:


Dear unincorporated area property owner,

In 2015, the Ontario Budget announced changes to Provincial Land Tax (PLT) rates. This is an important first step toward creating a fair and modern PLT system. Your final 2015 tax bill reflected the updated 2015 PLT rates, and included an insert to help explain the changes.
To follow up on the information provided, the Ministry of Finance will be holding a series of Open Houses in centrally-located municipalities and unincorporated areas across Northwestern Ontario from mid-August through September. Read more...




Request for Assistance!

The flooding of Monday, July 13, resulted in severe loss of property, dislocation and hardship for several members of our community.

The Local Services Board in conjunction with the Nolalu Community Centre Association are calling upon the community at large to offer ways and means of fund-raising and any other assistance by way of a helping hand, replacement of household items such as furniture, housewares etc.

If you can help, please contact any of the members of the Nolalu Community Centre Board (see frontpage Grassroots for contact info.)
and/or Sharon Low, the Chairperson of LSB ph. 577-8296 em. sharon_e_low@hotmail.com


Winter Dump hours:Oct1 - April 30th
Adrian Lake Sundays: 12pm-3pm
HARDWICK: Sundays: 4pm-6pm

Summer dump hours: May1 - Sept 30
Adrian Lake Wednesdays:6-8 pm & Sundays 2-5pm
HARDWICK: Wednesdays 3-5 pm & Sundays: 6-8pm


Waste electronics E-Waste:
-Thunder Bay's Mapleward Road dump has an e-Waste area anyone can use (you don't have to cross the scales to get to it, so no one checks where you're from). 
Anyone can drop e-Waste off at Pack Pros at 1615 Rosslyn Road, M-F 8:30 am - 5 pm.

Rural dumps with an e-Waste area (which is collected by Pack Pros Ltd.):
Oliver-Paipoonge (both dumps), Gillies, O'Connor, and Shuniah (McGregor and McTavish Ward dumps).