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Nolalu & local area News:

The NorWest Community Health Centres Mobile Unit and diabetes Unit

NEW: Nolalu Market will setup in Kakabeka as well!
Summer 2014

- Fridays in Nolalu time: 4pm - 7pm

- Saturdays in Kakabeka Falls
time: 10 am - 2 pm

Corner FLORENCE ST. / Hwy 11/17


SMHS founded spring 2013. For memberships and newsletter go to Local History




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Local restaurants / cafes:

-Silver Mountain Station
-Nolalu cafe

Nolalu Store

Lots to do in Nolalu Nolalu CafeNolalu map

winter Dump hours:Oct1 -April 30th
Adrian Lake Sundays: 12pm-3pm

HARDWICK: Sundays: 4pm-6pm

Waste electronics E-Waste:
-Thunder Bay's Mapleward Road dump has an e-Waste area anyone can use (you don't have to cross the scales to get to it, so no one checks where you're from). 
Anyone can drop e-Waste off at Pack Pros at 1615 Rosslyn Road, M-F 8:30 am - 5 pm.

Rural dumps with an e-Waste area (which is collected by Pack Pros Ltd.):
Oliver-Paipoonge (both dumps), Gillies, O'Connor, and Shuniah (McGregor and McTavish Ward dumps).